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Criteria for Manufacturing a Polo Mallet

by Angel

For manufacturing a polo mallet, different things must be kept in mind, as which type of shaft/stick is used in making the long stick, which kind of rubber is used in making the handle, and which type of head is made. The size, weight, and length of the head, stick, and Shaft also matter.

A polo mallet is a stick with a hammer-like end. That hammer-like end is used to throw the polo ball in the hole. This stick is with a long handle. So that it can be easily used by the player sitting on horse back, we can say that it’s a stick that the player in a polo game uses. It is also called a Pallet stick, with a hammer-shaped end and a sling to wrap around the thumb for better grip.

This article will tell you which type of material is used in manufacturing a polo mallet and the size, weight, and length of the Pallet stick. To know the details about polo mallet must read the article.

Things to Keep in Mind before Manufacturing the Polo Mallet

There are some instructions you must follow before manufacturing the Polo mallet.

Essential parts of Polo mallet

Three main components of pallet stick.

  • 1st one is the hammer-like and cigarette shaped end of the polo mallet, also called the head of the polo mallet.
  • 2nd is the Shaft or stick, which is made up of a manual cane.
  • 3rd is the handle, the place from where the player holds the polo mallet.

Material or Wood

It involves the material that is used in making polo mallets. You must choose the suitable wood for the Shaft,the right material for the handle, rubber. The head is obtained from tipa(hardwood), bamboo, and rattan cane and mallets are used from natural materials like hardwood and rattan cane.

Size and Weight of Polo Mallet

Polo mallets vary widely in size. Heads are manufactured from hardwood that often weighs 240g. The lightest heads are 160g. Medium-sized heads are the most suitable ones. They vary in size from 175 to 185grams. The weight of the whole Polo mallet must be 525grams.

Sticks Must be Flexible

Within time players get enough awareness that they need to take flexible sticks. These allow good performance by the player.

Length of Pallet Stick

The length of the polo mallet also varies from person to person. It is manufactured according to the size of the arm of the player and the pony’s height. Most often, it remains at 2 feet and 7 inches. Heads are generally 9(1/4) inches in length.

Pattern of Heads

A different pattern of the head is famous. The arena pattern is the basic one that is further divided into two ways: RNPA, cigar, and scene. These sets of charge are lighter, stiffer, and extremely large.

Manufacturing of Polo Mallet

In the past, good quality hardwood was used in manufacturing polo mallets, but with the increase in technology, deforestation occurs at an immense scale. Due to this, it has become impossible for them to use good quality wood. Now they are using other substitutes that are easily breakable and less durable. Composite pallet sticks are introduced to overcome the issue of cane. Faber cane is used in making mallets. The bar or Shaft is tubular and made up of composite resins.


In this article, we discussed important things to follow before manufacturing the polo mallet. If you are a business and want to know how to make it, this article will help you greatly.

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